This is The Free Thinker, Powered by Urban Theologian Media. A show where Dr. Luther Smith, assistant professor and program director of the Biblical counseling department at Calvary University in Kansas City discusses current and relevant issues in the field of psychology from the Biblical worldview.

There are those who work within the vocation of biblical counseling that would argue that the discipline of psychology began with Freud and this discipline has caused destruction to lives and families. However, is it true that the study of psychology began with Freud? In this episode, Dr. Luther Smith, in examining a brief time in church history makes the case the study may have not began with Freud, but possibly with a 2nd-century theologian as an apologetic against naturalism and materialism.  

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Delitzsch, F (1855). A system of biblical psychology. You can purchase a copy by clicking this link.

Tertullian (n.d.) De Anima: A treatise on the soul. You can download the document by clicking this link

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