This is The Free Thinker, Powered by Urban Theologian Media. A show where Dr. Luther Smith, assistant professor and program director of the Biblical counseling department at Calvary University in Kansas City discusses current and relevant issues in the field of psychology from the Biblical worldview.

Dr. Luther Smith continuing his discourse on psychology, history and the Scriptures discusses what happened in the culture where believers withdrew from the discipline of psychology and how the philosophy of Nietzsche and Sigmund Freud influenced the discipline for the worst. Dr. Luther Smith mentions that believers need to be engaged in the ideas of the culture with Biblical truth, and not to be engaged, as history as shown, has been detrimental to the discipline. 

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Delitzsch, F (1855). A system of biblical psychology. You can purchase a copy by clicking this link.

Hozafel, W. & Eckardt G. (1999). "Philip melanchthon's psychological thinking under the influence of humanism, reformation, and empirical orientation." You can download the PDF here


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